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Wood plastic composite material (WPC) solutions have been available for over 10 years. WPC is by definition 100% water-proof and is the most suitable material for products facing exterior conditions. The material can be decorated and painted as wood providing an excellent finished surface quality.

The basic material is made by melting selected polymers and mixing into the melt mechanically shredded wood chips and filler materials. The exact cocktail of ingredients depends on the selected end use of the products. For example fire preventing chemicals can be added for applications requiring fire-proofness from the end product.

The melted mass is extruded through mechanical mould, cooled down inside the mould and cut to desired length. The material can further be sanded, machined etc. to come up with requested tolerances, shapes and forms.

WPC has multiple of uses areas both outside and inside. In outside applications it can replace traditional impregnated wood as it holds its visual looks much longer. In inside solution WPC can be used replacing floor laminates, door and window frames and lists as well as a surface material for doors.

By the selection of the polymer components the suppliers can dictate the visual characteristics of the WPC material. Some plastics are not suited for re-painting or gluing while others provide superior paint finish and UV protection.

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